Bourns Fixed Resistor Product Line Announces New High Power Current Sense Resistor Families

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bourns is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest current
sense resistor families, the Model CSS Series. This is Bourns’ range of high powered current sense resistors, manufactured using a metal element.

The Bourns® Model CSS Series comes in both 2-terminal and 4-terminal options. The popular 2-terminal models are available in three different footprint sizes, 5930, 3920 and 2512 (6332 Metric). With resistance values as low as 0.5 mΩ, each family will have a range of low resistance options and power ratings of up to 9 W.

Current sense resistors are growing in popularity due to their high measurement accuracy and relatively low cost compared to other technologies. These resistors detect and convert current to an easily measured voltage which is proportional to the current through the device.
The 4-terminal designs allow for high precision 4 kelvin resistance measurements. Their metal alloy current sensing element allows for low thermal EMF and low TCRs of 50 PPM/°C in the 20 °C to 60 °C temperature range. This new family complements Bourns’ other circuit conditioning components, such as power inductors, rectifier diodes and zener diodes.

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