High Temperature SJ Series SCR Thyristors

Thursday, October 5, 2017


SJxx04xSx Ι SJxx06xSx & SJxx06xx Ι SJxx08xSx & SJxx08xx Ι SJxx10xSx & SJxx10xx Ι SJxx12xx

This SJ series high temperature SCR is ideal for uni-directional switch applications such as phase control in heating, motor speed controls, converters/rectifiers and capacitive discharge ignitions.

These SCRs have a low gate current trigger level of 15mA maximum at approximately 1.5V, with a sensitive version of this series having a gate trigger current less than 200μA. The sensitive gate SCR version is easily triggered by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors.



  • Capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) systems
  • AC-DC converters
  • Controls
  • Motorcycle engines
  • Strobe lights
  • Rectifiers
  • Power tools



SJ Series SCR thyristors’ high junction temperature provides a wider operating margin in existing designs and allows the use of smaller heat sinks in new designs.



  • High junction temperature
  • Compact TO-252 and TO-251 packaging
  • High surge capability



  • Wider operating margins, smaller heat sinks
  • Smaller board designs
  • Tolerates harsher operating conditions


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