Complete Wireless Charging - Reliable Charging Tolerant of Coil Coupling Misalignment

Thursday, December 7, 2017


The LTC®4125 wireless power transmitter brings a new level of performance and simplicity to the transfer of up to 5W of power wirelessly to an electrically isolated receiver capable of that power level. It is a monolithic driver that controls the current flow in a series-connected transmit coil LC network. The LTC4125 features auto-resonant switching, allowing it to automatically adjust its driving frequency to match the LC network resonant frequency. It also implements foreign object detection, and auto-resonant switching improves performance with mismatched resonant components and poorly coupled coils. The LTC4125 completes a simple wireless power solution when combined with one of Linear’s wireless power receiver ICs.



  • Uses Standard Coils
  • Auto-Resonant Switching Frequency Adjusts to Resonant Capacitor & Transmit Coil Inductance
  • Transmit Power Automatically Adjusts to Receiver Load
  • Integrated 100mΩ Full Bridge Switches
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • 4mm x 5mm QFN-20 Package


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