A home-grown alternative to a Raspberry Pi

Arrow Altech Distribution offers a home-grown alternative to a Raspberry Pi
It has become a lot easier to get hold of prototyping boards in South Africa than in previous years, but while Raspberry Pi’s are easy to get hold of, sadly there are still import taxes and shipping costs to be taken into consideration. These factors push the price up considerably.
Arrow Altech Distributions have created new options for makers by producing the locally made Cherry Blossom, based on the AM335x reference design from Texas Instruments and similar to BeagleBone black. This home-grown alternative is available for a much more affordable price...

Ready for the Industrial IoT?

In the industrial sector, a growing number of equipment manufacturers are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to expand their businesses. They’re leveraging data, generated by machines and appliances in the field, to move from simply selling products to selling products plus services or products as a service.

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